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Leadership Team

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Ron W. Davis, PhD

Director, Stanford Genome Technology Center Professor, Biochemistry and Genetics Stanford University School of Medicine 

Ron W. Davis, PhD.jpg

Stephen M. Becker, MD

Former Deputy Director, HIV

Gates Foundation, 

former Professor

UCSF & UW School of Medicine


Rich Thayer

Managing Partner of Halteres Associates,Chief Executive Officer of The Catalysis Foundation for Health, Former Vice President and Head of Business Development at Roche Molecular Diagnostics


Lark Coffey, PhD

Assistant Professor, Center for Vectorborne Diseases, and
Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis  


Mickey Urdea

Founder and Partner for Halteres Associates, Chief Executive Officer of Tethys Bioscience, Former CEO of Quantum Dots Corporation

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